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Welcome to Tico Todd’s Gourmet Costa Rican Coffee!

It has been said the happiness is a journey, not a destination. With Tico Todd’s Coffee you can truly Journey through the rainforest by trying each of our coffees. Our Gourmet Coffee is 100% Arabica, shade grown from the various micro-climates of Costa Rica.


We have three coffees which are Mountain Grown at high altitudes (1200-1750 meters). Coffee grown at high altitude gives you the enjoyment of a great body of coffee with excellent acidity and aroma. Of all the differences in the various micro-climates, the single most important variation is the altitude. The low oxygen permits the plant the splendor of growing slowly. This allows more time for vitamins, minerals and flavor to infuse into the fruit and beans. It is the high altitude which offers the coffee expert everything he is asking for in a coffee. It is for this reason that the Costa Rican Tarrazu is the highest recommended coffee in the world by those in-the-know.


We also offer three Valley Grown coffees grown at low altitudes (400-1200 meters). Coffee grown at lower altitudes allows for a strong yet smoother body than the higher altitude beans. Coffee plants grown at lower altitudes offer a taste which is similar to the lower altitude grown coffees of Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Jamaica. The smoothness of Valley Grown coffee is great for Espresso and Latin style coffees.


In addition we offer our special decaf coffee for those who want all the flavor of a good Costa Rican Arabica, but just don’t want the wonderful caffeine. We put special emphasis on sourcing Tarrazu. We use the Swiss water method to extract the caffeine. This method uses only water and no chemicals. Try JoJo’s decaf. Named after someone special, my mom!


All of our coffees are shade grown and thus bird friendly as well as environmentally friendly. (See our more in-depth description under Tico Todd’s History Page) Tico Todd’s exclusive Organic beans are certified as free of all chemicals including fertilizers and pesticides for 3 years and more! We pride ourselves on that! Source emphasis: Tarrazu.

We recommend that you enjoy all six of our coffees by ordering the Coffee Sampler. Try each one of them and decide for yourself which one you prefer. After trying all of them individually we further recommend that you get a little crazily creative. For example, take a little of the Tarrazu and a little of the San Isidro, put both of them in your grinder and enjoy the fine qualities they have to offer in one cup.

Enjoy your Journey!

Todd Amrhein
Tico Todd’s

“…there is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way. So treasure every moment you have and remember that time waits for no one.’

- Souza