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Grinding Your Beans

1. Retrieve your Tico Todd’s Gourmet Costa Rican coffee from their cool, dry, dark storage place. No need for refrigerator or freezer storage as this pulls the oils out of the beans. Experts suggest a porcelain container with a seal tight lid in a cool kitchen cabinet is best.

2. Pour beans into grinder. (Allow 2 tbsp./7 grams of ground coffee per 6 oz. cup of coffee.)

3. Use a fine grind for cones and vacuum pots (Espresso), a medium grind of drip brewers (American), and a coarse grind for plunger pots (French Press).

4. Have fun whatever you do. Part of the fun is to experiment and try something different everyday. So if you grind it a little too coarse today, tomorrow will be a little finer. Enjoy!